The Lab Anti-Mall

Did you know there is a hidden shopping mall in California? Surprisingly, this mall is also known to be the gem. Well, this is a secret that only the locals know. So if you want to know what this secret is, then do not forget to visit The Lab Anti-Mall in California. This is one of the amazing markets located in Costa Mesa, Orange County. This is a perfect place to be visited if you want to experience the culture and the lifestyle of the locals. This is because several local restaurants and shops offer a memorable and incredible experience. The most interesting part is when you get to interact with the locals and get to know more about the city and the place. But the questions arise why is this place called “Ant-Mall”? Let’s discuss this secret below in detail. 

The specialty or we can say that the secret of this place being known as ‘Anti-Mall’ is the amazing features and the local life embraced here to the fullest. There are several shops and places to eat that are owned by the locals of this place. Every shop has its own essence and charm that you get to experience. You can even get to know more about the vibrant culture by socializing with the locals. Now you must be wondering what LAB actually stands for. This means Little American Business. After knowing this you can simply tell what the main essence of this place is. All the shops and eateries are owned by the locals. Let’s discuss in detail what does this place offers that you can enjoy the most on your trip. 

Incredible Offerings by The Lab Anti-Mall

If you are visiting The Lab Anti-Mall then you will experience about 9 local shops and enjoy the amazing food at 10 eateries. Apart from this, there are even several locally owned boutiques that express the creative minds and their thoughtfulness in their designs. There are timings of this shop that makes it easy for you to decide when to visit. The best part is that it is even open on Sundays from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. 

Gorgeous Apparels

You will experience a variety of styles and designs in different local shops and apparel boutiques. All the clothing styles and designs depict the creativeness and the hard work of the locals. It even expresses how the locals dress up normally and what their cultural preferences are when it’s about apparel.

Mouth-watering Foods and Drinks

If you want to experience a perfect taste of local cuisines of California then this place is the best decision to be made. There are small indie shops and some local restaurants that will amaze you with the different flavorings of the foods and drinks you would never have experienced before. 

Local Music and Arts

You might have visited Segerstrom Center for the Art before but you definitely missed the creativity of the very talented locals. The street music, outstanding performances, and the innovative arts will truly leave you in awe. 

There is a lot more in this small place. Make sure to take out some time and definitely visit this amazing place. You would definitely not regret!