Tewinkle Park


The city of Costa Mesa is situated in California, the United States of America, which has been urbanized in a short span. Costa Mesa has a great number of tourist attractions and sites which capture the attention of a large number of people. One of the best places to visit in Costa Mesa is Tewinkle Park, where you can go with your family or friends. It should be added to your Costa Mesa bucket list for the range of activities you can perform there as well as the great number of beautiful sights present there. This park also has some historical significance for the city of Costa Mesa.

History of Tewinkle Park

Tewinkle park has great significance as far as the history of Costa Mesa is concerned. This park had been named after the mayor of the city, Mr. Charles Tewinkle, who had been elected in 1953. The city of Costa Mesa was established during that period, and he was hence the first mayor of the city. He shifted to Costa Mesa accompanied by his wife, in 1920. Also, initially, he started up his own business in the town and later various banks were under his control. This park was constructed on January 31, 1965, following the death of the mayor Tewinkle in 1962.

Amenities of the Park

If you are visiting Costa Mesa for the first time, the Tewinkle Park should be included in your bucket list. This park is huge, stretching about 49 acres. Also, there is a wide range of amenities available in the park. There are several acreages, greenbelts, and shelters present in the park. Moreover, those who are planning for a family day out in Costa Mesa can also visit this park as there are plenty of picnic tables available there. Rooms are too available for people to rest and the ones who wish to set up a bonfire and to do barbeque at night can have access to that as well. In addition to this, drinking fountains are also present there. Also, there is a large area allotted to the parking lots too so that people would not face any hassle during parking.

Capturing Photos at the Park

Those who visit Tewinkle Park can not resist taking their camera along with them. There are several beautiful sights to be captured such as the small waterfalls, lakes, and ponds are also available in the park, which along with the greenery of the park offers a perfect view to be captured. Moreover, you can also take family photos at the park or update your latest picture on your social media accounts which you have taken at Tewinkle Park.

Sports Activities

There are playgrounds and amphitheater present in the park as well. Those who wish to spend time doing sports have the opportunity to play baseball, tennis, and basketball in the park as there are several baseball fields and tennis courts too available there. Also, kids belonging to all age groups can visit this park for having fun.

Tewinkle Park in Costa Mesa is a must-visit for all those who are new to the city. Even the residents of the area can have a good time at the park engaging in several activities.