South Coast Repertory Theater

California has many different places that you should invest your time in, and out of all those countless locations, you should definitely visit the South Coast Repertory Theatre. This theatre is a Tony-Award winning theatre that is located in Costa Mesa. It is a regional theatre and is a must-visit location in California. 

History Of The South Coast Repertory Theater

The South Coast Repertory Theater was founded by two exceptional artistic directors named Martin Benson and David Emmes. These inspiring individuals formulated a successful plan to build a theater, on a piece of napkin, at a diner, as a part of the resident theater movement. The movement began due to the hold that Broadway had on American theater. After this hold became debilitating, young and independent theater artists, as well as artistic directors, began to venture out to build their own theaters. Benson and Emmes were those individuals who are one of the most known players within this movement. Not only did the two build an award-winning theater, but they built it out of a converted marine hardware store that they rented. 

Reasons Why You Should Visit The South Coast Repertory Theater

On the off chance that being a Tony-Award winning theatre just doesn’t do it for you, there are several other indicators on why this theatre is definitely worth the visit. At the South Coast Repertory Theatre, there is a seat for everyone. With three different studios being able to house a collective total of nine hundred and thirty-seven people, you can enjoy a show with your friends and family. With every season, the South Coast Repertory Theatre produces a wide array of incredible, diverse, and intellectually enriching live performances, with witty and cutting-edge shows, such as Shrew Versus The Taming of the Shrew. Combine that with clever and intricate storylines, there’s no doubt that you will have a blast when watching a show at the South Coast Repertory Theatre. There is a reason why there are countless people who have been watching the live shows that are produced at the South Coast Repertory Theatre for as long as over twenty years. With each progressing year, the shows, the cast, and the storylines, at the theatre become exponentially better. Not to mention that this theatre starts off the Christmas season with incredible shows, such as A Christmas Carol, which has formed into a classic and an audience favorite. Every show that is produced at the South Coast Repertory Theatre, is worth much more than the ticket price, with beautiful and intricate set designs, a talented cast, and thought-provoking shows, we are sure that you will want to attend again and again.

If you are looking for a first-class experience and something that will challenge your mind, then you should definitely invest your time in visiting the South Coast Repertory Theatre and watching a show there.   Not only will each show be enjoyable, but you will also leave the theatre feeling uplifted. Who knows, you might even have a different perspective on certain topics.