South Coast Plaza

Are you ready to plan your vacation in California? You must be pretty excited and all geared up to enjoy the extravagant locations of California. This giant state of the United States has hundreds of places that definitely need not be missed. If you are wondering whether it is possible or not to visit all the amazing places of California in a week, then you are definitely mistaken. To experience all the exotic locations and the vibrant culture of California, make sure you start planning for a full-fledge vacation from now. The most amazing thing is that you can even experience a luxurious vacation in the South Coast Plaza of California. That is why to enjoy all the incredible activities at South Coast Plaza, make sure you visit Costa Mesa. 

About South Coast Plaza

South Coast Plaza is one of the giant shopping destinations in Costa Mesa. This global destination for shopping is pretty exciting to be visited as there are about 250 luxurious shopping boutiques. Surprisingly, this is not it! There is much more that needs to be experienced. The mouth-watering cuisines in the most mesmerizing restaurants and the unique Segerstrom Center for Arts should be the number 2 in your list. Are you interested to know why all the celebrities and travelers around the world excited to visit South Coast Plaza? Well, make sure you read details of all the amazing activities in South Coast Plaza.

Things to do in South Coast Plaza

To enjoy a perfect luxurious vacation, there are several activities to enjoy in South Coast Plaza. Some of these activities are as follows:

Shop at Christian Louboutin

Get a chance to experience the glamorous shoe boutique. Do not forget to visit Christian Louboutin and enjoy trying on the gorgeous heels. Make sure you start saving from now to get yourself a pair of stunningly studded heels that matched perfectly with your upcoming occasion’s dress. The best part is that you can even experience an amazing window shopping for the glass doors or panes. Or just step inside and try on your favorite ones just for fun. 

Try on the Signature HL Dresses

If you did not do this, you definitely missed some real fun. Make sure to visit Herve Leger and enjoy trying out its glamorous dresses. Get yourself one and feel enchanted and all flattered with the stunning dresses. Make sure to stand out in the glamorous parties and get yourself the signature HL dress. 

Enjoy a Perfect Musical Night

Who doesn’t love to enjoy some amazing and new music on vacation? Well, you can definitely enjoy some soothing, classical music at Segerstrom Center for the Arts. There is not just music but also some theaters, shows, and concerts that you can enjoy. 

Experience the Amazing Inventions of the Masterminds

If you are an art lover then do not miss to visit Martin Lawrence Galleries. This art gallery is one of the oldest yet mesmerizing one with a specialty in graphics, valuable sculptures, and original paintings. 

Relax and Watch the Best Theaters

Vacation is definitely all about relaxation and fun. You should visit the Regency Village South Coast Village. This theatre has some amazing performances of the incredible artists for your enjoyment. 

Several more places in Costa Mesa are near South Coast Plaza. Make sure to visit them as well and enjoy a glamorous vacation.