Pacific Symphony

Pacific Symphony is one of the biggest orchestra founded over 40 years ago, in the United States. Pacific Symphony is generally regarded as the exemplary group that is taking steps forward both on the national and international stage, but also within its emerging cultural society. The Symphony has performed a significant part in the advancement of Orange County’s musical arts, offering over 100 performances, concerts, and ayear through a wide variety of cultural and social initiatives.


Not only the pacific symphony offers beautiful classic concert by some of the finest musicians of the city, but they also provide background history of the music piece that the audience will listen to. So, if you decide to bring your children along with you, it can be a wonderful experience to broaden their experience about music, and make it one of the most memorable experiences of their life. Whenever you decide to visit to County Fair, attending a performance at the pacific symphony should be on top of your list. For people who enjoy acoustic music, this can be a life changing night for them. You can always look up timings before attending a concert, as different session are held at different times. 

Classical Music

The pieces of music played at the symphony are similar to what is heard on the television nowadays. Seeing a performance at the Pacific Symphony when you can recognize the acoustic tune makes the experience all the more exciting and fulfilling.

The concerts begin at 8pm, but if you arrive early, there are preview talks held around 7pm, which talk in detail about the different pieces of classical symphonies that will be played at the Orchestra. And they also discuss the significance of the pieces throughout history.


There are also things you can do when you are at Pacific Symphony. 

California Scenario

So, if you have arrived earlier to the concert at Pacific Symphony, you can stroll around at the California Scenario. It is an intricate sculpture, which was designed by Isamu Noguchi to showcase the California Scenario. So, if you are lover of art or not, you can stroll around this area as it is not brimming with people. 

Noguchi Garden

Noguchi Garden is a very small, intricate garden that commemorates various trademarks by Noguchi. The pieces are known for being made from materials that are natural. The garden offers a great spot to just relax and wait while the concert at the Pacific Symphony begins. And this way you can also bask in the beauty of nature when you are in the area. If not, there are also places, bars nearby the Concert Hall, where you can treat yourself to some of the best foods of County Fair as you wait around for the concert to start. There are bars located outside the halls, so people can treat themselves to a drink during intermission.

Listening to the classical orchestra performed live can turn out to be a stimulating experience. So, when you are in Costa Mesa, you should attend a concert at Pacific Symphony.

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