Pacific Amphitheatre

The Pacific Amphitheatre is situated in Costa Mesa, Orange County, California. The Pacific Amphitheatre is built on OC Fair & Event Centre grounds.It’s not only a perfect spot to stage concerts, it even offers you access to attending the Orange County Fair. The Orange County Fair is a 23 day fair that is conducted at the OC Fair & Event Centre in Costa Mesa, California, each summer. It is a great spot to hang out with your friends and family, whether you decide to go out on a picnic, attend a concert, or enjoy the fair, it is the perfect summer gateway. 

Plaza Pacifica

The allocated space for having a picnic is easy to find at the newly built lobby and entrance zone of Plaza Pacifica at Pacific Amphitheatre. There are plenty of picnic spots available for people who come first. As the place tends to get filled with people quite easily. People are allowed to bring in their own food inside the amphitheatre as they find their designated seats, or they can buy it from outside the amphitheatre. All in all, you get to enjoy the delicious food with a spectacular view. 


A lot of concerts are held at the Pacific Amphitheatre and locals get to enjoy watching their favourite artists in the open space with comfortable seats. Since the Pacific Amphitheatre is situated in Costa Mesa, Orange County, you have to go through the Orange County fair to enter the amphitheatre. Another perks of having a concert ticket is, you get to have a free entrance to the Orange County Fair. Artists like, OC Symphony, John Legend, Smokey Robinson’s along with many others play at the Pacific Amphitheatre.

Heroes Hall Museum

When you are in Costa Mesa, why not visit the heroes’ hall museum, which is near Orange County. It is a museum which commemorates the memory of the veterans of Orange Country, to honor the sacrifices they made. Various artifacts are exhibited in the museum which is representative of the history. 

Orange County Marketplace

If you have arrived before the concert was meant to place at the Pacific Amphitheater, why not stroll along the Orange County Market Place? The Orange Country Market Place is held in an open area, with tons of sellers offering a wide range of items. It is the perfect spot to spend your time, to have food, see the art, etc. It can turn out to be perfect leisure stroll before your concert begins. 

Tewinkle Park

A short mile away is Twinkle Park, which is a great area to come with your family to watch the waterfalls, to have a picnic. It is near the Orange County, so you can easily go back to the Pacific Amphitheatre after you enjoy your leisure timeat the park. Pacific Amphitheatre is a great place not only for attending a concert, but also enjoy the Orange County Fair, along with exploring nearby places near the Fair Grounds to make most of your time. 

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