Costa Mesa Playhouse

Out of all the activities and locations that you can indulge in and invest your time in when visiting California, the Costa Mesa Playhouse definitely falls within the top-tiered destinations. The Costa Mesa Playhouse is an incredible theater company that is located on Hamilton Street in Costa Mesa, California. It is a seventy-three seater community theater that was established fifty years ago. Not to mention that it is a non-profit organization. The Costa Mesa Playhouse is worth the visit for all those who are visiting California and are interested in watching live theater shows.


Why You Should Visit Costa Mesa Playhouse


There are countless reasons why everyone should visit the Costa Mesa Playhouse when they are visiting California. Not only is the Costa Mesa Playhouse incredibly affordable, but it also has a collection of incredible performers, such as dancers, singers, actors, and even stage craftspeople, who are highly talented as well as professional. The entire setting of this community theater can be easily described as intimate and comfortable. The Costa Mesa Playhouse not only welcomes its audience with open arms but also those who want to practice their craft and performing talent, with an environment and attitude that is completely welcoming. 


Visiting this theater will also give you the perfect opportunity to try performing art that you are talented in. Not only is the environment and setting of this theater distinguished and worth its reputation, but the live shows that it produces are all highly enjoyable and diverse. Each season of the Costa Mesa Playhouse begins from September and is brought to its fruition in June, where each season has a collective total of five productions. These productions include an array of exceptionally produced plays and even musicals. Some of the Costa Mesa Playhouse’s renowned productions include the plays, Hedwig and the Angry Inch and even Blithe Spirit, which was a production by Noel Cowards. 


At the Costa Mesa Playhouse, you’re not just paying for an affordable price to watch exceptionally talented actors, dancers, and even singers, you are paying for the incredibly designed set and beautifully written pieces, such as the piece “The Crimes of the Heart”, and the musical named, “Sisters Act”. The live shows are worth so much more than their cost. The Costa Mesa Playhouse has a live show for every single person, no matter what their age might be or what the type of shows that they may prefer. The Costa Mesa Playhouse shows named “Bad Wigs and Perms” and “The 70’s Style” is perfect for adults, as they contain adult humor and even crude language. That is not all, this community theater has also housed several incredible and renowned actors, such as Melissa Montanez.



The Costa Mesa Playhouse is the ideal and most best-suited place for those tourists who actively try to avoid any overrated locations that have suffocating large crowds and lines. This theater is truly for those who enjoy, appreciate, and understand the performing arts that are included in live shows.


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